Blanc et Noir, Photograph by Polina Osherov, 2013

Belle en Noir

This blog is a photographic journey of inspirations and imaginings of style.  Beautiful in Black.  A color can say it all... edgy, sophisticated, alluring, sensual and so very Bronte.


Bronte Tagliani

The charismatic Australian export grew up as a tomboy in the outskirts of Adelaide. With a love for animals and a passion for riding horses, Bronte began studying Veterinary medicine at Murdoch University and during that time was discovered by a make up artist and began modeling.

After modeling in Australia and Asia she relocated to Las Vegas NV to live with her now husband, race car driver Alex Tagliani.  Along with print campaigns, television hosting and writing, Bronte also became a certified fitness trainer and performance nutrition specialist.

Daily she focuses on the couple's racing businesses and philanthropy but fashion, photography, fitness and food are all passions of this Aussie who believes that as life is short we should experience it to the fullest; but in moderation of course! 

Pure Barre, weight training and Bikram Yoga; food trucks, fine dining and her Nikon D7000 would rank high on the list of interests outside of fashion. Now expecting her first child, she's looking forward to the new challenges that motherhood will bring.



She says:

 “Success is when opportunity meets preparation”

“Life is my runway, and I’m going to walk it!”

“Where ever you go, people are going to look at you, so you may as well make it worth their while!”

Bronte Tagliani