Tips & Tricks: My Winter Beauty Essentials

by Bronte Tagliani

This time of the year, we have been bearing the winter chill for months and the harsh conditions of the season are taking their toll on our soft skin.  Men and women alike need to pay special attention to details or risk dealing with dry, dull and lackluster complexions. Luckily I have completed the daunting task and faced the possibly overwhelming shelves of Sephora to bring you my top beauty picks for banishing winter skin blues!

All images courtesy of Sephora and all products available at Sephora

1.  The Cleanser:  GLAM GLOW Supercleanse – It all starts with a great cleanser. At the end of any day we all need to wash away impurities and this mud to foam daily cleanser is the latest and greatest for reducing imperfections, absorbing excess oils and leaving you with a matte clear complexion.  With ingredients like Bamboo charcoal and Mediterranean clays and licorice Root Extract to calm redness and irritation, men and women are sure to get that Glam Glow back.  $39

2.  The Cleansing Tool:  FOREO Luna Mini T-sonic Facial Cleanser – just the bright poppy color of this little treasure is enough to bust us out of our winter rut.  The non-abrasive brush is ultra hygienic and does not need to be replaced like some other models. It also only needs charging once every 5 months, so is the perfect travel companion.  Sending T-sonic pulsations through the soft silicone touch-points this nifty device gives a deep yet gentle cleanse. It acts to remove dead skin cells, remove makeup and oil and unclog pores from excess grime.  It also enhances the absorption of skincare products and can be used with any cleanser; bonus… it pairs perfectly with the above recommendation! $139

3.  The Moisturizer:  MURAD Essential C-Day Moisture with SPF 30 – This antioxidant rich moisturizer is perfect to protect your best asset as it aims to improve your skin’s barrier function to maintain the best possible hydration.  The sunscreen blocks UVA/ UVB rays, preventing sun damage and the Vitamin C helps to improve your skin’s clarity, firmness and elasticity. $60

4.  The Sunscreen:  PETER THOMAS ROTH SPF 30 powder – I’m a big believer in keeping it simple and this is the perfect solution for sun protection. I like to use this as a finishing powder after applying my make up, but you can use it anytime and there is no need to wait the usual 30 minutes before stepping out into the sun. $30

5.  The Hydrating Overnight Mask:  FRESH Black Tea firming overnight mask – Our skin has a natural repair process that happens when we sleep, with intense moisture, this mask works with that process to help lift and firm.  I like to use this nightly as the final step of my skin car routine before bed. Ingredients like black tea extract, blackberry leaf extract and lychee seed extract it’s like a free-radical smashing smoothie for our face! $92

6.  The Hand Cream:  L’OCCITANE Shea Butter for Dry or Damaged Skin – This hand cream has honey, almond extract and coconut oil mixed in and leaves skin soft and smooth without the oiliness.

7.  The Lip Salvation: FRESH Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment – We all know the vicious cycle of licking chapped lips which then become more chapped and irritated.  Enter this lip treatment, which will boost moisture, enhance volume and improve definition.  $25

Use with the FRESH Sugar Colored Lip Treatment with SPF 15 for sheer coverage with buildable color. $22

8.  The Dull Hair Fix:  PHYTO Paris Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask – This mask can be used in the shower for a quick fix in 2-5 minutes or left on overnight for deeper hydration leaving hair with a shine and vitality. No more dull, thirsty hair! $39