New Year, New Traditions...

by Bronte Tagliani

There's always something special about starting a new year, there are 365 fresh days ahead for us to conquer and achieve our newly set goals and resolutions! This year, we added a few new traditions to our New Year's Day tidings, but as always I like to keep things simple...

More color in my outfit of the day, red symbolizing wealth and good fortune for the year ahead.

Traditional sweet treats and a sentimental card.

A medium Tim Horton's festive red cup filled with hot deliciousness! (Let's keep it in moderation)

An easy and delicious home prepared dinner to share with friends and family, now I'll always want a thin-crust pizza to start the year!

Soothing and detoxing lemon herbal tea and relaxing with a movie.

We all have our favorite traditions to keep on holidays, but on the first day of 2015 I wanted to add a few more. America has it's Starbucks, and Canada has Tim's... so we added a festive drink on our drive home from the country. I had a hot chocolate and Al a vanilla latte, yum! 

If there is one rule that I vow to keep enforced in my lifestyle is to keep it simple. That way, less clutter, less stuff and less stress. So we ate simple homemade pizzas with Al's folks and settled down for the night to watch a good action movie.

This is the kind of relaxing start to a year I'll be looking forward to every year from now on. More fun, more family and less stress!