Health & Beauty: My Detox Diary

by Bronte Tagliani

January 1:  New Year, new RESOLUTIONS! Let's do this!

January 2:  Starting… tomorrow.


Does this sound familiar to you? Well I want to share with you my recent experience with juice detoxing because it may just change your life!


3-Day Detox

Fasting, detoxing or cleansing are not new concepts, but this time of year they do become a hot-topic for many people who are motivated to get back on the health and fitness wagon and are excited about getting in shape. Health goals are high on many resolution lists come January 1st, but how many times are they left hanging on the page and never acted on!


Over the past 5 years I’ve done a twice yearly “elimination detox”, once in the spring and once in the fall. I call it the 20/20 and I’ve always loved the results. (I can go more into that on another post if you all want the details just leave a message in the comments section below.) BUT this time around I wanted to try something totally different. It’s good to mix it up sometimes!


Purely Organic

Thanks to the talented juice masters at La Station Organique (check online for availability and ordering) I was able to trial a 3-day pure juice cleanse.  The juice is cold-pressed, organic and made with only the best ingredients. If you're local to Montreal, it's also delivered fresh to your door!


For each day of the detox there are 6 juices labeled #1 – #6 and it’s recommended they be enjoyed in the order marked for best benefits.

It is also recommended that you drink at least a glass of water between each juice to help flush out toxins and impurities in your body cells.


Keeping in mind that you are only consuming the juice provided over the 3-day period along with the water; no food, no snacks, no meals… as a food-lover, foodie and gourmand I was kind of freaking out. I didn’t really know what to expect and my head was filled with questions like: What will happen to me? Will I have headaches and low energy? Will I become some crazed HANGRY zombie-like monster attacking my family for their food? OMG no!


Fresh to-go!





Road-trip-ready as each bottle is securely sealed and perfect for taking on your next trip. No more gross, greasy roadside drive through fast food!


But you know what... I was not hungry, I was FULL! Yes, full! Each bottle was different, I could taste the handcrafted blending of ingredients, each individual bottle with purpose for my body was delicious and refreshing and I looked forward to the next. My favourite, though it's really hard to choose, was #6 made with Cashew, cocoa, flax, date, sea salt and filtered water. So creamy... mmmmm, yumm!!!!

Some of the positive effects I noticed were:

  • Increased and improved mental clarity, its like that pesky brain-fog just disappeared
  • Weight loss; not that I was looking to lose any extra lbs but I did lose 3lbs in 3 days which is likely due mostly to clearing of excess water retention
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced nasal congestion
  • Clearer and glowing skin

Not only did I enjoy all of the above results, but I was also giving my digestive system a well-earned break. At this time of year, we can all admit we over indulged over the past month… so why not give a 3-day juice detox a try and come out on top of your game in just 3 days! La Station Organique online and soon to be a cafe too!


Health and Beauty: Skin Refresh

by Bronte Tagliani

This month I've really been focusing on "spring cleaning" my products cabinet at home. As the cool weather was fading I had that urge to clear away those products that have been sitting at the back of my shelf and with all the open space I wanted to trial some new comers that might earn a spot on my regular list. In this round up I chose 4 of the newest products for skincare from the luxury boutique Constance and Charles. Lucky for you they do ship so you can get these in-store (if you are local in Quebec) or online, score!

First up from Intraceuticals, the awesome Australian brand that I have already talked about on my blog a few months back. They've just come out with the "Atoxelene line wand" pictured above. For those of you that might be a little unsure about taking the plunge into preventative BOTOX, this is the answer to your prayers. It's like botox in a little wand... no needles, no pain, no bruising but less lines. YES please, I'll take a case full! They actually should relabel it the Magic Wand. 

I've been using this for over a week and I do feel more relaxed across my forehead where I have been concentrating my applications. I've also been applying on the smile lines around my eyes, but I haven't noticed a difference there yet. I think if you're not quite ready to jump on with medical injectables, then this product is a great substitute! 


Bioeffect, made in Iceland has the coolest packaging ever (well I think so) and this EGF Eye Serum is what every woman, young or mature needs in her anti-aging arsenal. Not only does it offer instant cooling to your delicate under-eye area with the roller ball applicator, the gel is cooling as well. I've noticed the hydration effect lasts all day, even on the hotter days that we have had so far. It hasn't helped with my dark circles (that's mainly from sleep deprivation) but I do feel like the hollows and or puffiness is markedly less than before I started. It did take about 3 weeks to see results, and I use it twice a day after cleansing, but the small container has already lasted 6 weeks and it's still going!

Dry and hard winter feet... gross! But a reality for so many of us, especially if you live in a colder climate like I do. My feet barely exit socks and boots, so when summer rolls around I'm always unprepared to show off my feet in scrappy stilettos or wrap sandals. This year I wanted to focus on not having to HIDE my feet and this product is seriously a gem of a find. The Chemistry Brand might sound a little geeky, but it's got some serious merit behind it's science and it works! This one is a keeper.

I started out using it when temps were still cooler overnight, every night after my shower liberally rubbing in about a quarter size dollop (with a nice massage) then wearing socks to bed. After a week I noticed much softer heels with no dry cracked areas and I've kept on with the application about 3 times a week before bedtime. This product has a lasting minty fresh scent and it's great for your hands as well. (Though they do have another product specifically for hands.)


The final product I chose to trial for my spring edit was the matte finish mineral sunscreen from Coola. Once a sun-worshiper (Shhhh...I used to lay out at midday for an hour slathered in coconut oil tanner) for endless summers. I'm now a huge advocate of sun protection and I've done a full 360 turn around so now you'll never catch me outside without sunscreen. What drew me to this SPF 30 was the matte finish. I really don't like the oily, runny shiny sunscreens of past summers and this one sure delivers that matte finish. The way I like to apply it is after my moisturizer but before my powder coverage. It lasts all day, though I do reapply, just because I'm super cautious, plus sun damage is one of the major aging factors that we can prevent! I think the only thing you need to watch with this one is your application amount because if you apply too much (I'm talking a lot here) and you don't wear coverage over the top, you'll look kind of like Snow White with a pale whitish glow... but that's cool too if you're into it and at least you won't be a sunscreen covered grease-ball. 

Each product shown above has good reason to take up space on my bathroom shelf, they all earned their place and I'm glad I did that big spring clean up to make room! If you're keen to find any of these to add to your collection of secret anti-aging weapons, like I mentioned earlier you can find them all at the gorgeous luxury boutique Constance and Charles. Don't miss out!